June 11th, 2011



sugar coma
cup cake today
cup cake yesterday

my mind feels cloudy
far away

I'm upstate
up in the woods
to slow down the time

so the story goes

I want to write about people
ideas and relationships
but I'm too sleepy in the fog

we played cribbage last night
my oil
and cider
and beers
I was so tired
I slept in this morning
back to sleep

my dreams were disturbing

but didn't involve police
which is s nice change
it seems the last few nights had...
we got stopped by a cop last night
but absolutely nothing came of it

today we went into down town Livingston Manor
to see the trout parade

of course
visiting small town America can be beautiful and quaint
nothing like the oppressive feeling of living there

I liked all the big dogs
and puppets

as I said
when I'm in small towns like this
I feel compelled to spend something
give a dollar any way I can
another hand-decorated belt
a "s'mores" cupcake
chocolate chip cookie (mmmmmmbutter)

and I'm loving seeing all the lush green
(in the last days before the fraking turns it all into a barren burning wasteland)

going to nap