June 9th, 2011



it's nearly three
I wish to be sleeping five hours ago
(I gotta learn)

what to say of today?
another gift
lunch with a friend
the walking
the sweating
the working on bodies
how I love touching bodies

in extreme today

after work on the roof
the E.S.Building purple and blue
the moon orange

I'm surprised at how much hair I've grown in a week

I'll give myself 33 days of growth and see how it looks
but will have to trim it then...

I imagined myself yesterday
or this morning
with a wide-brimmed straw hat
then he gave me one

grasping at the feeling of gratitude and joy...

but I find I haven't lost those
they are now just weighted with those of sorrow and judgement

but it's all still there

nothing to complain about




I like them

I'm smiling

this hat

I have on my pearls
and then there's dinner

we're together for a moment

in attention

days days days
the heat keeps us from sleeping

though my imagination is fuzzy
my emotional response is clearer

and I see the city playing
many floors into the future

we're on time with the rain
enough money and time

patience and presence

enough for my needs
tonight I'll rest in my own