June 5th, 2011



Today I obtained White Solar Wizard
for some reason the dreamspell seemed timely

the art piece at central park south/east
my dad's a Pisces rabbit as well

when the flood comes
the fish devour everything
the end for the new beginning

we went to the apple store together
my home button was broken
gave me another phone
he bought a white one
switched sims
now I've got it:

I named it White Solar Wizard
14 years ago I was told that's what I am:

" I pulse in order to enchant
realizing receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness
with the solar tone of intention.
I am guided by the power of heart."

i spent 8 hours with him
mostly joy
but I am still wrestling with some intense emotions

oh, it's good
it's fine

I was going to see another friend
but he had to have dinner with a friend
who recently started dating David Byrne and wanted his take on him

I was tired
was going to go to sleep
after Thai
but walked out
pulled by scruff
and picked up a beautiful slab of meat
to do some more healing work on
and love and love and
a thousand dollars
a forgotten hat
a Mongolian
a drunken quarter injun
some terror
some beauty
compulsively wishing, hoping, praying
is there some endless returning?

I practice:
"I don't like that"
"I'm thinking"

and walk on by
walk on by...

this really isn't much
I buzz my lips
sometimes adding hum
this really isn't much
I have so much to do...

I pulse in order to enchant
realizing receptivity.