May 18th, 2011


trust the writers

I've been pining for safety since aries's start this year
the revelation that it would be so much easier, nicer
to trust the government
trust the big oil, the media
the pharmaceutical companies
all those things I have a base distrust for
I have a base distrust for most everything
knowing things clearly from the outside
but not easily perceiving their inner...
feeling them
my imagination of knowing everything in actual...
I was saying...
"Reality" refers to the Kingdom
for them monotheists... or even monomoralists; monoidealists...
belonging to The One True Flow malarky
all movement is hummingbirds and dragonflies
the only truth is the breath
not that which moves it
inhalation and exhalation are playing the Game
which makes it Story

a friend said
of course you can't trust everything
that's how democracy works
things happen
through many reasons
striving or greed
it is the people's duties to call bullshit
to hem in those with power out of control
or integrity
that's the world we live in!

in America...


but wouldn't it be nice?

one of the many reasons I'm getting back into acting is to play characters that Believe
to be in that trust
move with conviction

to put aside the whole world
and trust some writer
any other belief I may have

I'm good at that
only temporarily
and being different people will give me the opportunity to test these feelings and lives...

hungry for life
eating them up
such a divine feast...

(old habits die hard)