April 21st, 2011


creation takes

the creation of the future takes time
moment to moment
it takes every day

the creation of every day requires attention
breath by breath
say a prayer
hone through meditation
take a break
forget a while
have a drink

why smoke so much that you can't feel the effects?
perhaps you must smoke so much to keep from having to feel the whole

to create requires constant diligence
but that's impossible
in the lapses of living
growth happens
or entropy


if only I were gifted with Melody

some creative bone...

to dream a future
to will a present into being...

a heart full of wishes
(how is this tale told)
held gently in the hands

to be like this
to be like this

holding the world
feeling it
feeling it softening in your hands
like this
make it
it is
make it

spending my soul
what I've got
I want to spend my soul

how many lives
from star to fly to flower
mouse, cat, bird
dumb man
powerful man
humble man

what accolades before dispersal?
the scribbled fears of using myself up
the clear desire to deplete myself entirely
empty myself out into the earth

star to dust