March 16th, 2011


phantom beard

I saw my reflection in the wall
and enjoyed the way the light caught my beard

then I realized I was hallucinating
this beardectomy has been very hard for me



in the darkness still

(photo by Joel J)

in the darkness still
someone dreams of understanding
all to be know of the night sky
how crooked is the yearning
when he clearly knows
the understanding is not important
but the wishing to know is...
Ultimate answers give only
loneliness and death
the great transformation
shedding anything useful knowledge has brought
even passion is worthless once the goal is through being sought

The generation of heat destroys all
friction necessary
eliminates the tools
the hands
the arms
the heart

as feeding builds
the container is also being ground
the shavings imperfectly dismissed
the great toil of living
creating its own grist
in the mill of the living
the Artist devouring death to create his visions of life

what greater use of the ubiquity of breath?

the hunger is an attractive quality
to witness joy in devouring
the simplest beauty of life I can appreciate

but if the universe we inhabit is based on Entropy
how can we keep the stars together forever?
how do we live through endless night
singing infinitely a pleasing tune
holding the sky up til the sun returns

we are all responsible

no body wants to drink a cup of tepid tea
they only want it Iced
or piping Hot

anything left un-attended to achieves mediocrity
I explain to my friend
the fallacy of inbreeding is not essential
but is owed to the lack of the art of conscious Love Making
Can You Not Imagine
uniting with your partner in theocratic omniscience?
not the mere passion of thrusting
but the chosen knitting of your chromosomes
intelligence and lust
through love, desire, intention?
of course
if you know your pallet
understand it through primary socialization
and the gifts of your elders
would you not wield your tools deftly?

it is the great dispersal of The One
nearly seven billion divisions now
divine still, yes
but undoubtedly distracted

every tribe had at least one person who knew how to shape a rock into a cutting device
and many more how to create with it

but now
with the billions who hold a computer's "mouse" every day
does any one person know how to make one?

what is necessary?
what is desired?

who will scoop up our lost marbles
and make a Pillar out of it?
sculpt a caryatid to hold up the falling sky?
is our greatest dream of Sleep?
I am the great Destroyer
but I only do the bidding of the mouths of God
are we entirely exhausted?

in time we will be
I arrive and depart
I wake and sleep
I do my duty when it is timely
and busy myself in my vacation
indeed enjoying the flavour of the fallen fruit

when you have decided you will make no effort to fight against death
what is the message of your Work?
why feel it is important to continue your mission when you have agreed to it's ending?
is this the humble ending to your story
done all you know
waiting now for someone to open the door ?
haven't you the heart to turn the know?
know you not the location of the gate?
perhaps it is more respectful
to be drowned by the lulling waves
no matter how long it takes the tide to reach you

our time has never been in sync
though I have always been grateful for our vertex

whatever I can do
may I be present
please ask
By Jove
I may do my task