December 26th, 2010


you choose it

you choose it
and it's simple
keep it beautiful
and that's it

and she had been bringing me coffee every morning for twenty-six years
then one day declared she no longer would
- I imagined it was a joy
to know your place and simple duties
to take joy in pleasing your superiors
the idea is very attractive to me-
to do it twenty-six years
every day
then stop
it's very strange

and when he's talking I'm almost seeing images projected from his mind
I tell him this
he says
Keep it simple: I'm just telling a story

yesterday I had imagined he was someone born with an eye for beauty
With the Discovery channel on... the Beasts... he says Nothing compares to their beauty
We are Nothing...

not born into it
his choice
his work
to seek and synthesize Beauty

not easy

why is everyone telling me just to do what makes me happy?
no need to struggle
life will work out the details in time
all will succeed
just surround yourself with Good People

I am forever confused
where the striving and ease connect
... more Yoga...