November 10th, 2010



he arrived at the party long after the revelry had ended
the fun was done
the stars had all gone home
he wore fashions that would have better suited him a decade or two ago
sober, finally, but tired
he was ready to play his part
now moot, of course
only the unsatisfyable were still there
drunk beyond comprehension
or too apathetic to leave
and those with no where they intended to go
he did his best to look fresh
just as they'd expected him
but they'd all moved on
and his only role would have been contextual
his role was past
some candles were still lit
some scraps of the fine dinner still lay around
half eaten
on the finest plates
he washed it down with the dregs of drinks
fine wines and scotches
and the spit of people laughing and enjoying themselves
talking about everything
only a few wondered where he was
but enjoyed the show anyway
he tasted that too
all a muddle
he sat next to the dying embers in the mantle
and watched the dawn break