September 22nd, 2010


anti-Christian ignorant righteousness

reading all the random shit on my bloated Facebook news feed as soon as I wake sometimes snaps me...

though who know me know i am not the most educated
or the smartest
but have a certain sort of perception
and a base belief similar to
"Nothing is True, everything is permitted"

I don't know who Sherri Shepard is
probably some ignorant "Christian" bigot
but I wrote this in response to someone's smug dismissal of her by saying the theory of evolution is a self evident truth because all theories, like gravity, are obviously true.


you should educate yourself on the word "Theory" before you get yourself all hoity-toity .
a Theory, by definition, it an Idea that can be tested... not necessarily Proven.
I ain't saying you or she is wrong... I'm just pointing out you are just as ignorant as her in your righteousness.

our "science" is far to young to prove such a theory as Evolution

not to mention our current idea of "Civilization", which retards "survival of the fittest" is sacrilege against said Evolution.

pretending you know everything kills magic... and makes you vulnerable to strangers calling you out on your shit.