September 8th, 2010


to be at ease

the greatest thing I've noticed I'm learning
living here
is how not to buy into drama

occasionally I cash in my chips for some cacophony

but most of my time here has been untying those knots

not rushing down the sidewalks, the subway stairs

I'm strolling

I'm not falling in love
I'm learning compassion
but letting people freak out on their own terms

less anger
I feel
less desperation
less desire

more acceptance

am what I yam

mmmm, I still love pop music
but not as much
"there's only now
no ever-after
we won't let in
any disaster
you are my twin
no I will
go there"

watching the sun set into the river
the endlessly undulating waves offer nothing but beauty
no enticing promises...

but with the sun gone
it's cool
ending of summer
I best put my clothes on and get on with my day