September 7th, 2010


very low tide

this summer has really gotten away from me
so many things I intended to do


the Jewish holidays coming early this year
they know
summer's on its way out

the water's low

the mugwort's almost blooming

I feel like I've got nothing in the air
up coming
undone the glamours
now here we are




infantalism encouraged!

it seems
society accepts a model of growth where the individual makes sense of the world up til puberty (if that) and then has only those tools to work with
only that data

"somehow you've red-rovered the gestapo circling my heart"

our contemporary hoosier culture
with girls wearing barettes
boys wearing glasses too big fir their face
to make it smaller
have a specific attraction in my sexuality to be with the bigger, the adulter... so that I might get moments of transcendental childhood with them

and when I speak with my mother
and other denizens of the Midwest
they often refer to reality as something static and limited only to their direct experiences
which is, I would think, a healthy perception
but woefully inadequate for the model of the world connected through all ideas

all those ideas are presented through biases
so people read from the bias they come from
keeping the infinity of our shared reality
limited and static
usually only perceiving differences from their vernaculars as shadows encroaching on the one-true-light of their paradigm

the art the art the art needed
bias directed subversion
that's convincing
as so many of them expose their directives too early on

but of course
this is trickery

and what do I need any souls for? greater than my own? increase the power of my hand. my own cadre of mortmains. puppet communities.

with all my worldiness
my own ignorance
I believe I should steer aspects of planet-ship Earth

but shouldn't anyone who feels the call try?
not every one succeeds, or course
but doesn't that follow our fantasy of Capitalism and Democracy...
following the tails of Monarchies and Tribes
organizing speaks to Order
it has changed
it will change
we can't just leave it up to chance and Politicians...