July 14th, 2010


mmmm, Delaware Water Gap

when I used to drive
Iyar a friend out here in Buttzville
I think he's dead now
and I haven't been here in years

but on our return route from Pittsburgh
I recommended we stop at the opening of the Appilacian Trail and hike for a bit

it is so beautiful
I'd love to come out here regularly
the air is so lush
full of prana

I'm just thankful now
and feeling Gooood

(couldn't turn the air conditioner back on right away... I wanted some real wind... so wrapped my hair)



Mind the Gap

a friend offered to take me for a Road Trip
... to Pittsburgh
to pick up some paintings he left there
and come right back.
we decided to make it an over-nighter

drove out yesterday (leaving around 1)
arrived around 10
but the whole city was sold out of hotel rooms
(we were shocked.. i thought the city was a dead horse)
it does look like a beautiful city, shame it looks like there are no people in it...
but there are many houses
many hills

i imagine it to be like Portland Oregon
is there anything going on in Pittsburgh?

we didn't really try and find out
we round a hotel nearish the airport
with a taped-up carpet
and beds that inflated via remote control

we got the paintings this morning
drove back quickly afterwards
but seeing as it took is so long to get there
it took us even longer to return
involving lunch at a crazy local Buffet (with homemade pies! and gigantic people) playing a game of checkers at the CrackerBarrel
and going for a walk in the Delaware Water Gap
... i hadn't done that in a very long time
i have many memories of the area
this is the first time i've been there with a good camera

i love my new camera
and i love the forest there
it was so beautiful

i got high from the walk
the drive was great for a perspective shift
and his companionship and conversation also served for inspiration

i threw the pics from the forest up (and a biker on the road, ahhh)
and now i'm heading to sleep

every day is a new day