July 8th, 2010



we grew up here
saw the pavement changed
lost a cousin under the tires of a fast turning car
saw more than one father disappear into other houses
in other blocks
other boros

my uncle taught him how to open the hydrant when he was still too young to control it
but I'm glad he can do it now
make it look so easy
gives us a reason to all be together here

keeping cool
moms bitching
he's the only sexy one in the family
but I've had his brother a few times already

and her
she don't know what it's like...
I can't wait to grow up and get out of here
get with a man who can buy a house over in Jersey
somewhere nice
maybe Florida
I can't wait
when I turn 14 I'monna see if I can live with my tio
but today
it's good to keep cool
watching the kids playing

(what do I know...
I live around these people and can't seem to understand them at all)




regardless of the opportunities offered us
we have found ways to make it work here
even if it's the same things we did at home
there are just so many more people here
potential for a dollar handed over

father hasn't got any paperwork
he hasn't got a choice
he can't do the physical work we do... when we get it
but he knows how to play more songs than I even know
and still loves singing
he gets dressed in his best clothes
this us his work
seeing as we don't have a restaurant here to regularly play in
we have all of these train cars
all day
as long as we can play
and stay on our feet
we at least get a dollar each per song
often more
and it really helps feed the rest of the family when we get home
and keeps the tequila flowing

this is really an amazing land of plenty...