July 7th, 2010



old man
tired old man
sleeping on the train
resting on my cane
eyes flickering closed and open
to look for stops
but conserve my waning energy

what was so easy in youth
has all fallen
I didn't need to bother then
and I certainly don't
I look and feel shabbier

the things I used to care about
most of them I don't anymore
I just want to get from where I've been
back to my place of comfort

I found this board on the street
it might be useful

it's cold in this car
oh, my knee hurts
my hands gripping each other
won't hold me up

I get off
at 190th street
but the gate is too heavy to push through
I'm glad that man helped me
no one else would
no one...

I'm no one anymore
disappearing as you walk by
thank you for remembering me for this moment