May 19th, 2010


I'm a Face in a Music Video

a few months ago i got a gig from being in a music video directed by Nigel Parry of a song by Charlie Mars
i, of course, didn't know either of these people
and wasn't getting paid
but went along for the experience (as i was house sitting in the village and it was being filmed there anyway)

My brother sent me a link to the video last week
(a friend of his works for some company that works with Nigel Parry, sent the link to him, he recognized me and sent it on to Louis: i hadn't seen it yet)
but today i got an email saying it had made it's debut on line
Here is a link to the Vanity Fair piece:

there's a nice little interview with the musician and director there.

of course, when they were describing the multiple faces thing they said "like that Michael Jackson video"
and that's what everyone thinks of
i went and watched "Black or White" and the faces only feature for a minute at the end (the rest is a crazy billion dollar mini-movie ala... michael jackson)
the VF piece talks about Parry's inspiration being Godley & Creme's "Cry"
which i think is excellent, best by far in the meme (first though, best thought)
one of the comments referenced another band named Cursive

watching all these videos i really loved seeing all the faces flickr by
so i've embedded them all here after the cut
give them a watch

if you know of any other music videos that use this idea
link or embed them in in comments, i'd like to see them.

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