April 2nd, 2010


Semana Santa, 2006

I got to thinking of Andalucia...
i was there
in 2006
wandering (lonely as a cloud)
barely speaking the language (i assure you, i got by)

i took many photos
in my last days of traveling
i was so lonely
and yearned to share the beauty with someone

i took many photos.

but too many to deal with
so i'm taking bites as they occur to me

this week i've been thinking of the Klu Klux Klan
from the land i grew up in
and how they stole a costume they saw
from Holy Week in southern Spain
a costume that makes you ignorant and anonymous in front of the Lord
it was shocking for me to see it
a family affair
fathers proud of their sons
walking barefoot
bearing the burden
of our saviour
of our city
our culture

i dunno
i was happy to be stuck in the throng

here's a hundred something images from a few days a few years ago