March 16th, 2010


vernal stream flow

with these shoes
I feel like I have animal paws for feet
I'm glad I got the brown ones

in my imaginings of falling in love
why must I always also imagine the catch?

the man in the subway tunnel
his fingers in his ears, itching his heel on the ground
is what he is perpetually avoiding similar to what I continually grasp at?

I want to say
I am good to be In Love with
but bad to Fall with
I'm not even sure if that's true
perhaps it would be with a yellow star-burst:
"For A Limited Time Only"

it's coming into my fantasies again
just spring or the time of my life?
love love love
easily discounted
easily dreampt of

is it Morrissey or
Robyn Hitchcock?

"who sees the windows freeze and hands around the keys
'unlock yourself' he says
but no one ever does"

"my youth may be gone
but I'm still a good man
so phone me, phone me."

Hello, I am the Ghost of Troubled Joe
(hung by his pretty white neck some eighteen months ago)

I can massage any part of the body for any length of time
just ask
it is I who want to be intimate with everyone on the planet
not kept at hand's length
nor needle's
but chi is any distance
I did my best nit to breach boundaries
just be here
just be there if you wanted to come in
wanted me to come in
for you to feel someone is there
what do you need that for?
you have a lover
everyone loves different
do you want my love?
what I can teach you?

I'm imagining a night I've yet to have

but tomorrow I'm all set to make a mistake
or believe the drunk Irish are together in love
and remember friends moved away

came from money

post your bio

please remember

how's it selling?

give me a job

give me a class

I'm terrified to start the proceedings
what happens if I get caught up?
found out?
what happens if I talk myself right out of a hole, into a job? into a bayou...
fear of being employed

he looks like him in profile
but not at all from the front
Crass symbol on his arm
(as if I ever cared)

I can wash the laundry
but now it's piling up with the dirty clothes on the floor
if I get rid of that big bed
get a twin
and a piano...

if I go to school
practice Spanish everyday
or German
or Chinese if I study acupuncture


plant's in the mail
be here Friday
I'll get it Saturday

I don't understand the project

what would I lose by trimming my beard?

I don't like how it looks when others do it
why would I donor to myself

last stop
wish there was something to eat here
but there isn't
what would I eat anyway
I want my mouth to smell sweet