November 13th, 2009


bring on the water

the entire time i've lived in this apartment
the kitchen sink's hot water has been but a trickle
i often have to leave it running for nearly an hour before i feel the heat
enough to do dishes
but... i've learned to live with it.

today, after giving a friend a three hour massage
i went to do dishes
and the full force of water came out the hot

got a new neighbor next door and there has been plenty of tinkering noises
coming from over there
(i think he's gay too, which might be a nice balance)

whatever the reason
i am very thankful


loud, brash

sitting on the train
trying to read the introduction to the 1967 translation of "The Pillow Book"
iPod playing...

two boys get on the train
Latino maybe, dark
I only see them out of the corner of my eye and can't hear them
but the sit abnormally far apart to be talking to one another
yet I see their hands flailing

must be queens

I try and focus on reading
but the hands are really loud
i've never felt such a distraction
I glance up and look at them

of course
they are talking with their hands
still: loud and brash

I smile
and Morrissey is wailing away in my ears
some rare recordings I recently found in the web
I've always loved his voice
but this is the first time I hear how he sometimes just brays
brash and loud

maybe everything is just chafing today

I didn't sleep well last night
woke today to a client ringing my bell
that I thought I had cancelled

worked for three hours
then set about cleaning and organizing the house

preparing for the party tomorrow

I'd intended to leave at 4 or 5

I got out of the house about 10:45
after spending hours doing inane things
among which was looking for my quartz balls
which have dissappeared