November 3rd, 2009


what is visible tonight

the moon is reflected light
reflected from inside me
some distant star
so far away as to be unreachable
yet always there
and I seem to know
what it would feel like
to be the moon
staring down at me

being me
feeling myself watched
by me as the moon
which is only visible
by the light that shines from within me
that come from unsayable distances

most everything true
and important
is unsayable

I want to give myself overvto the moon
to let that self have all my self
anything could be the one source
bur death creeps in to quickly then
and we musnt let that
life only happens with the tension of separation
to feel the pull
the yearning
to receive the gift
and to give abundantly
to drink of it
and nourish

to say the name of the posessor
that Wichita make anything
to spit it out
cancels the posession
leaves one free
and empty
for another hand
to move us

ten thousand years in waiting
ten million
the light of the sun
someone else's forgotten smile upon the earth
the plants
the animals
the weathers
long gone out
pressed down through time
under countless layers
of other days
wakings and forgettings
into impenetrable darkness
which has been dredged up
pressed through taps
set aflame
consumed and transformed
to animate the lights upon your face now
that makes these pixels dance
reflects off this page
from a lamp in a room
up into your eyes
reminding you of endless things
you'll always ever been