October 23rd, 2009



I dunno
we noticed old men
every day
in Ireland

was it from working in a factory?
ate there factories there?
fishing? farming?
some common accident befalling them all
or just the wear of toil...

my first thought was Football. Rugby.
violent physical men
out for a game
having fun
til someone gets hurt
and only those that haven't yet get to continue

but I dunno
I keep seeing it here now in new york too
so many more people
and not just men here
more women...

is it from falling down the stairs?
being beaten?
gang fights?
from the endless walking, schlepping this city demands, offers?
being overweight?

oh I'm noticing mostly brown people here
and in Ireland we're all poor now
whatever that means now a days
but the day to day can always be a struggle

for me
to witness it
it's painful just to see
dragging a leg behind
hip swinging it over
or a flinch with each step

living in constant pain

seeing pictures of the tenements and child labor factories of new york only 100 years ago

almost forgotten by the benificiaries
until someone invented the flash pan
and all the pictures got published

but our generations of bloggers
are they telling the story online of how we all ended up limping?
am I just missing it?
or do mat of us censor our own wounds when they aren't glamourous because we believe we can never do anything about them?


the wheel of medicine

the wheel of medicine must keep turning

one proud hand forcing it forward
to heal the sick
slacken the suffering

but the wheel, now
is so slowed
by the strong hand of comerce
that holds it back
to collect every drop of blood it can feed off
squeezed from the flesh caught in the mill