October 20th, 2009



a guy i know through the internet posted something on my facebook wall saying:

"to someone who seems to live life to the fullest - what happens when one does not know what his "Passion in life is"? - just looking for some wise thoughts from one who seems to know what passion is"

i responded saying this:

Dan, thank you for asking. Thank you for your perception. It is not, of course entirely true, but...
the short story is "passion" is what we lay back into. it's most common usage is that of the story of Jesus. the "passion" of christ is his knowing and accepting he has to die for the whole of humanity and not only letting it happen but working with it.
Many people lose their Passion by Trying Too Hard.
I have learned mine... Am Learning Mine...
by ease. by flowing with. by listening and following.
attempting, struggling, giving, pushing, DOING... then falling back into flow and following, listening, flowing with. being easy.
it has to be a balance.
Ego wants one thing, the entire world wants something. some times they clash.
You're still alive: so you're not done... but sometimes the best way to learn what you should be doing is to dis-engage from what you Always Do and notice what of that is necessary to you, and find ways to start doing the things you always know you should be doing but never give yourself the space for.
once you click into it... you'll know it and do it.
to doubt it is normal
to have faith in it is blissful.