October 5th, 2009


dreams, quick and changing


most people worry how fast you can put our a fire; keep it from spreading

just before I woke
I was looking through a magazine (paper? Internet site?)
of my neighbours

and was shocked to read of one
next door
who had plenty of hay
and other incediaries
packed around the place
so he wouldn't have to worry about suffering in a fire:
it would all happen so

. . .

earlier in the dreaming

some party
or place i was living
or reality tv show I was on
or scripted fiction
with plenty of space
for improvisation
I was wearing a costume
dressed in All White
(my mother, yesterday, saw a picture of me like that and said I looked good)

and I figured out some way
through electric shock
to swap personalites ...
to swap bodies

holding onto speaker cable
connected to an audio amplifier at the house
and shorting it out

it did it with a girl, of course
a red haired...
like Lesley, England

thinking about my now-red pubes

then, no
dark hair
a vampire

not a fiction
but confused how It should feel
not even noticing I don't have a dick anymore
how would I feel if I looked?

and days went on...?
and Zeus...?

and I figured out the way to switch back
without the need, now, of electricity
because I had it in me
the power necessary
and she, of course...

( so strange to see my body moving around, looking out through different eyes
knowing I was Right Here
and that was Someone Else)

we did our ritual
and swapped back
everyone was amazed
I, a little, as well

we were OK
but I was so tired...
I wish I could have drank just a smidge of her blood...
I had to rest...