October 1st, 2009



I'm sure I'm not the first person to feel I lack some vital obvious link that would allow me to connect with people in a more satisfying way...
I often get the feeling I want someone to like me
and they're not
yet they're showing patience and tolerance as one would to someone else's child
( is that what keeps the world going? )
and there are others that seem to like me a million
though there is still some sort of chasm between us
we smile over
and sometimes pass on

I'm sure it's not rare
yet it is my own


agent of mystery

i am an agent of mystery

and whenever someone wants to reduce supernatural occurrence
to events easily explained by science

they are my enemy

as those who, through fear
attempt to convince me why everything they don't understand must be
controlled into homogeneous familiarity
-the contemporary truths obliterating all unknown options of history

to truely live the life here
magic must be foresaken...
must even the possibility?

I'm only comfortable living here
with ample space for surprise and wonder abounding me

perhaps I'm yet an embryo...
what fascinating creature
in what astounding world
might I be born?




to find out
after all these years
that I was really Left Handed

That's why everything has been so difficult

i'd just never realized before...