September 25th, 2009


what of sex, then?

what of that sex, then?

falling in love?


of course!
tell the story
live it
it's who you are

what is that feeling?
of Indiana?
of tedious obligation?
the chorus of lack-love, absent of the spark of life... only moved by the wake of its passing.

a use
a fear
a politeness
beyond the heart's reach


starts the dying in your breast
the energy seeping down
passing out

everything gunked up
foul yellow humours
settled deep in the body

tell me
was it the needles?
or the physical action of loving?
the heat created through the bodies
smart, clever, wise that neither of you came fully to orgasm
imagine 20 years of loving with out ever crossing that gap
of course
that gap is what Makes the spark
gives it reason for being
keeps the yearning for loving

what if this were the recipe of a healthy love for me?
a man who I could live with many years
always excited to see his beauty
and wonder at his being

the seeing if seeds in another is an anchor
to settle into eachother
certain questions always answered

but if that breeds only discontent in temperments such as me...

what if I never came again?
would monogamy be worth it
with a yogi?

what if I found my feet
very strong
and had a few men
in the age old fashion
needing to give their excess life force
because they aren't practiced in the arts of keeping it in
but keeping it flowing
through the bodies of different dimensions

is celibacy true if no orgasm is reached?

what if he does and I do not?
is it a needle pierced through me?
binding me to his story
as he strives, triumphs, fails and falls?
we all do anyway
knitter of the forest
ample task
blessed duty

knowing the place
knowing one's place and function

like the challenge and rewards
of giving up the ability to forget
what burdens, what powers...

companions are needed
benefactors and wards I am to mentor myself

oh, what a choice
what a blessing...