September 5th, 2009




people are always asking me
why I hide my pretty face

why do I hide my pretty face?
I tell stories of fear
I tell stories of affiliation
I tell stories I'd sensuality
I always deny God(s) have anything to do with it
but I've only just now sythesized an understanding that it is, as manybof my actions, an act of bravery, critique and Challenge

Children do not have beards
they are pretty
they are too young to be accountable for their actions
they have not yet the experience of life to combine with the learning of Others' and their own Heart to make Wisdom

Beards to me have always represented Wisdom
though I've known few Wise Men
I uphold my visage of Time Passing
and my own duty to Pay Attention and Learn
to do the work of perceiving life as I can and combining that with my heart to form an Understanding of the world that only I can have
Thus a flag for the duty of carrying the Wisdom it is my destiny to know

I do not want to be a child forever