September 3rd, 2009


oh, poor Ayn Rand reader...

oh, poor Ayn Rand reader...

this is the way my fucked up mind works

when I see people I feel bad for them
in the same way I feel bad for people suckered into Scientology
or Carlos Castenada
or Ron Pirsing (whatever)

the same as the Mormons
the rest of the Christians
you take that Seriously?
the Jews, the Bhuddists
any beliefs that are already wide spread
don't you see?
they've had their chance
their time...
and they Failed
the world is still a shitty mess
and people treat eachother horribly

but I have faith in obscure pop bands
and fantasy novels no one has heard of
no one has formed cults of these ideas yet
no maybe I...
could champion this idea..
maybe it's different enough...
maybe a monkey wrench
maybe a silver knife
maybe the philosopher's stone
something to save us all

obviously just a crazy ego trip
but really...
Ayn Rand?