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Vertical Prose

weary @ 06:14 pm

kinda slept last few days
travel weary
left side of the head still fuct
sitting on the plane next to a weedy awkward intelligensia man with thick yellow glasses hunched over a book explaining everything about emotions

I'm staring out the window
twisting in the winds of Martha Wainwright
wondering if such a book would really explain it all
or somehow just damn it up into stagnant reservours useless for any purpose but breeding pests
and turning me into a likewise gollym creature...

oh, answers given to the mysteries of the world
why can't I trust you?

at least
I'm very grateful I can trust myself

halfway home now



silly desires @ 08:05 pm

being out west makes me want to own a car
so much open space

bein in the Atlanta airport makes me want to move here
so many round men


Vertical Prose