August 22nd, 2009



for those of you who know CocoRosie
I have to say it was a beautiful sight
to walk into the common house
and see everyone in there swimmingly dancing to "K-Hole"


the camera, wo/man, the Internet and tooth

on the second or third day here
my iPhone 3Gs camera kinda broke

every photo I take is lost somewhere...

if I make a video
then take pictures
I can acess them and use them only for that period
but when I put the phone to sleep
and go back to them later
they are gone
no doubt I can fix this when I get home
but I had intended to send out daily iPhone photos
so am diappointed in that

one might think
that's good: take a break from the net!
but I haven't.
I've used my iP every day to check emails and various messages
an Irishman from France has been sending me porn stories every day I download
and read the next morning upon waking

and waking up hasn't been easy
I've been endlessly tired here
I thought it was altitude
but now understand it's from an infected tooth...

what's up with all this tooth shit going on?
upon acceptance of that
I'm doing my magic on it
and using my herbs
and it's abating
a good deal of my energy is tied in the pain and healing

and on some note besides just me
my confusion with trannies continues
an ftm here who is an amazing force
sight, music and magic
I didn't notice the T for many days
and that gave me a nice chunk of mybown perceptions to mull over
just at that point
some guy rolls in on a Harley in full leather
long strawberry blond hair, clean shaven
and though I don't hear him talking about his gender
I do hear him talking about being on Estrogen
and losing his perscription
and getting in fights
needing three people to take him down
saying her has too much testosterone and the estrogen calms him
this crazy gruff violent man taking E to balance his over masculinity
I'd never heard that story
and the next time I saw him he was in beautiful crushed red velvet from head to toe
and when I saw him naked later
he had demure breasts...

in other news
a long-haired muscly beautiful Virgo showed up a few days ago
and we've been kissing like crazy
really the only sex I've had at the gathering
and he's so different than my standard
I'm loving the interraction
that's all for now...

I'm probably leaving here tomorrow for a few days in Albequerque before returning to NYC on Wednesday