August 13th, 2009


bands of gold in the land of big

a monk friend of mine told me he loved being celibate
he said beforehand
he was Always looking at people sexually
and is now free of that

I'm a pervert
I look at people sexually all the time

here in Atlanta
the men are noticeably bigger than new york
big, tall... Large
that's my kink
so I'm drooling over everyone
staring at their fleshy thighs
and pudgy fingers

all married guys here
those bands of yellow metal...

so why are they flying alone?

I don't understand si many things about living
of course
I know enough to know I'm confounded and ignorant of key ingredients

of course
I want to be with all these men
want to lay with them naked
(as I did with a friend this morning)
not even to have sex with them
just hear them talk in their odd paterns of speach
see their bodies
the way their fat fingers pull their scrotums, just to get comfy

all the hidden parts revealed
all mysteries laid bare
past conversations of the recession and business meetings
phone calls home to the wife
as the voice drops into a whisper
a murmur
then passion fills it
and they tell me their dreams of what they want the world to be
the wishes they want to live
the dreams they want to be

... then we could have sex
and make some magic