July 25th, 2009


in the midst of Adventure

a friend offered to take me to Sandy Hook today
I spent last night at his house
we left early (for me) this morning...
driving along
traffic got really snarled up
and then a light was blinking on his dash
I looked it up in the book
it said "transmission malfunction"
then the speedometer stopped working
and at a stoplight in Atlantic Highlands
the car quit

won't start again
was stuck in park
with a bull-goon cop yelling at us
mocking me for looking through the manual
I figured out how to shift it to neutral and ge pushed us into the
parking lot

checked the fluid levels

1992 Honda
just tired.

I walked in to was my hands
on the No Smoking sign

there is a ferry dock that goes to the beach in walking distance from


jäger yoga

now I'm sitting in the back of a wrecker heading back to the city

I made a joke about how I don't like being in cars
coz it reminds of my childhood
which was spent entirely in cars
... the pains of then...

but I wasn't anxious for this to happen

sorry I'm missing swimming in the ocean though...


my own two feet

as soon as we came out the Lincoln tunnel (coz they wouldn't let us
trough the Holland)
I got out of the car to walk

I like walking
I don't like cars.


and then home

i got homeand felt un-deniably exhausted
so lay down on my day bed
and fell asleep

dreamt of Stephen Merritt playing on the subway
with Seth? or Daniel Freeman?

i was working in an old house
tearing stuff down
-framing out a new room
the back door open
onto a green field, forest on the edge
and there was my sister
and Stephen playing "Lonely Highway"

the subway rumbling

the boss was coming
and i went to hide
and everything went sideways

i realized i was dreaming
and turned and turned in late afternoon nap sweat
the heat of the summer
but i couldn't bring myself to go pick raspberries today

some pullups and pushups
off to a client
cancelled the other
spend the night with a friend
going to the beach tomorrow.