July 23rd, 2009



i sent in 2000 negatives to ScanCafe
in going through selecting which ones to keep, i found this and couldn't help it, gotta put it up (low rez is all i got now)
--- summer solstice of '98, i think. we were on mushrooms and acid in the desert outside of Tucson, AZ... at one point we decided to bathe in the dust of the desert.. rubbed in our hair til it was sparking in the dry night air... Ahhhh

writers and faces

have you ever read any books by John Crowley?
i was introduced to him through "Little, Big"
given to me by some guy in Tucson back in 1998
i've read it a few times
and it makes me feel very well.

finally getting through a cycle he took 25 years to write
just finishing the second book right now
and thought of you in certain capacities

i was inspired by the writing
and glanced up
smoke in my eyes
i tried to look at the face of the spirit that animated each person
since it is only thick layers of denial that keeps one from omniscience at
any moment
but omnipotence allows anyone to choose to open them and gaze truthfully

amazing that every single person would look back at me immediately with
challenging gaze

of course, i forgot
one is not suppose to see truthfully


do you ever?