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Vertical Prose

Oooops. I hope I don't miss my plane... @ 11:08 am

On the way to JFK
I got distracted
I was on time
So not super late like I always am
( like I am now )
Hopefully I'll make it in time...


the walk @ 11:13 am


> Ok ok ok
> i felt like i had to DO something
> with all my sloth
> i went out and planted some plants
> oiled my shoes
> cutting new tongues for them
> did some laundry
> looked through all the pictures we took yesterday
> made selections
> and uploaded them
> here is the link:
> http://flickr.com/gp/dominicvine/2269Zm
> love ya
> .d

Phew! I made it! @ 12:06 pm

Beautiful, going out over that levee thing to Broad Channel
I've not yet been to Far Rockaway
I'll have to do that
On purpose

When I arrived
Checked in
The woman said
"Don't rush. Your gate is 31E, just around the corner"

I took it easy...
But it was ABSOLUTELY the farthest gate possible in the terminal.

I hope to sleep on the flight.


$2 @ 02:23 pm

For many years
I always had a
Bear Coin on me

For making decisions
And as a charm

That was several years ago...

Just got one


Roaming @ 02:24 pm

For those of you who may be worrying about my Data Whoredom:

Worry Not.

I bought a discount package for the trip
And am monitoring it closely.
Sent from an iPhone

Love @ 10:14 pm

I love Toronto
I want to live here forever


Vertical Prose