June 13th, 2009



i've been craving bowls lately
(not just the bad habits of my old friends, NO!)
Tibetan Singing Bowls...
for some reason...

like Tarot Cards
i wanted someone to just GIVE me one
i know so many people have THINGS they don't use
so i kept telling people
i wanted a BOWL
no one had one to give.

Goat said he had one
but turned out he was thinking Bowl
when really he had a Prayer Wheel

not at all about the words, the spinning
i want the resonant sound

kept meaning to look on line
look in the city

kept forgetting.

while i was in SF
last day
i saw some tourist shop near 18th & Castro
went to it
and most of the bowls were new, machine made
with symbols all over them..

a few old hand-hammered ones
and much cheaper
-- i bought one of those
a small 4.5" bowl...
but i was tempted to get a BIG one
(money/space: airplanes!)

i've used it a bit every day since i got back
but today was different.

i had a massage client i've worked on a few times
he's a pot head
and has parkinson's
he's a bit freaking out about it
new, it is
to his list of chronic ailments
(he's in his 60's and has a slew of other things as well)
the last two times i've seen him i've had him refrain from orgasm and
smoking for a few weeks before coming to see me
... to cultivate his resources

so we talked for a while
then i blended him some of his weed, some salvia divinorum and some yarrow
he smoked
sitting up-right
i put his right hand in my left hand, my right hand in his left
channeled reiki
he tripped out/through
then i re-packed the bowl and he smoked again
layed down
i massaged him for a while
rough, gruff, shaking, grabbing, pulling
then i made him smoke again
and i put the singing bowl on his chest
and let it sing for a few minutes
while i OMed

he said he felt like his insides were being massaged
some-how re-setting all the crap in his life

i reminded him that no matter how fuct our lives get
there is always the kernel of perfection in each of us we can resonate with
(he's a virgo, it's good to remember perfection)
we can always return to
through all the nightmares, pain and suffering
it's always there. . .

last night
i stayed up all night, like tonight
last night
i researched the bowls on line
ended up winning four of them in ebay auctions for under $200 total
i checked some shops here in NYC
the bowls were $600+

many people think of them as being tuned to the chakras
C being the Root, going up on the whole notes
today i won a C, D, F, & G

last night, when i discovered this
i bought an app for my iPhone that tells pitches
and played the bowl i bought in SF

of course
from all the bowls i played there and i settled on this one (it was the way
it made me feel)
is it a surprise i bought a B?
Crown Chakra