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Vertical Prose

I guess we must be having fun @ 12:39 am

Another late night
Shoulders heavy
And hot


Facial Hair tales of woe @ 03:08 pm

I've often explained to people that my "look" is not a standard I hold other men to...
Most of the gay long-haired guys I know are kinked on other long haired guys...
I don't have that
I do
Wish for it... More specifically long full beards...
All the crazy trimmings people do themselves....

But I'm often turned on by the Goatee Guys
Not for their style of facial hair
But the fact they have Some...
And then a big furry body along with it

Though I condemn hair cutting on principle
I must admit
My eye and belly are continually attracted by (mostly contruction worker; strainght) men with Fu-man-choo style staches...
I notice it over and over...

And, to a lesser degree, the Van Dyke beard..
And on a completely different level
The mutton chops...

My Morals are Compromised!

Vertical Prose