March 27th, 2009


what i replaced it with

 I Worship At The Altar of the Daddy


I love this site!
it is my favourite of all the sites i've found for meeting guys on line.
we all have our own idea of beauty
whatever that means...
for me, "silver daddies" are one of my archetypes of beauty
if it stems from my feelings of being a child and wanting to be carried off by an older man... to have a different father than my own... be it a strong working man
or an intelligent Gentry...
there is a fantasy in the mere superfice of older men
-- i tend to like facial hair
the era of large mustaches blending into bushy sideburns (from victorian england) grabs my heart by the roots
full beards, like greek gods and crazy sages... european philosophers and persian mystics...
these tickle my fancies...
fill my head and heart with fantasies of the great wonders i could experience with men of this visage

when i'm looking at men on here
i'm often thinking that
What could our relationship be?
what could i learn from him?
how could i serve him?
what doors to the world would open up to me from knowing him?

that is the Youth in me being attracted to the elder
... all of my fantasies of Mentors...

that being said, i am not one quickly to define and to commit to relationships
i've never been a husband hunter
or like to put my fantasies about someone in front of my getting to know them as a real person...
but the fantasies are what draws me forward...

All of these words, yet, and no talk of Sex!
i'm a very sexual person
and many men on here are just cock shots
i admit to being enthralled by images
i love the shape of the cock and balls
and have like-wise fantasies about the feeling of penetration
the contents of heavy wrinkly scrotums
the tastes of spunk
the soft feel of a belly...

i tend to like men with Big Bodies
again, a feeling of me being younger and smaller
that concept of "daddy"
though i don't every consciously role-play
or desire men to get into that dynamic with me
i have to admit that it is a part of me:
i have strong need to cuddle up to a big man
be cared for
etc etc...

yet my whole life
i have also attracted me to me for the same reason
even before i looked like this with my big beard
man men and boys have sought comfort in my arms

one day, when i am a "daddy" i'm sure i will do just as much of that
Now i'm 30
so i'm not a boy or a daddy yet
i'm just a Man in my mid-life

for 12 years i traveled around the planet
visiting men i met on line
or friends of friends
or staying at communes
or traveling with artists
a big adventure!

now i am settled in my own apartment
i make my money doing free-lance massage work
as well as modeling, acting and photography (as well as performance arts)
and teaching yoga
in my current stillness i intend to learn more about my own emotional body so that some day i will be a better lover and can be in a balanced and healthy partnership
-- i don't really think i'm ready yet
that being said-- i am always open to friends
and in my mind
lovers and partners grow out of friends, don't they?

i like things to grow naturally
not be pressed upon, again, by some fantasy of what a relationship would be.

-- i like men of all ages
but are most visually attracted to men over 50 who are stocky and sensual
happy in their bodies, strong and hefty... with some sort of facial hair
though... mature men who are athletic and clean shaven are atractive to me as well...
that all depends on the over-all energy of the men
i've had great fun with former dancers in their 80's!

for younger men, guys in their twenties to 50s
i tend to like BEARS
ya know, big burly furry fat chubby hairy roly-poly guys
that can take many forms as well
some people call me a bear

i just lay this out
because i get many people writing me who aren't my type
and i do have a type... or types
but these are generally superficial
time can always be taken to get to know eachother

I have a passport
and still love to travel
so don't let distance be a deterrent
if you think we have a lot to share

happy to meet for art projects
massage trades (or clients)
hiking, adventure, travel companions
yoga clients, or having me photograph you (if you need some good pictures)

or Just Sex!

i do practice yoga
so all sex to me is the exchange of LIFE
and i consider it sacred and magic
but i also have sex in cruising parks and bath houses
so i'm not pretentious about it
but know that i cherish every orgasm
and harness the energy for healing, art, and world-well-being
if you're interested in talking about this, ASK
if you're interested in having a dedicated cock-sucker ASK
if you're a 100% bottom and you're not my type, I AM NOT FOR YOU
I'm mostly top... but i'm mostly attracted to Tops
so i'm happy to play with versatile guys or 100% tops
... but there have certainly been a few incredibly cute bears that are total bottoms that i've enjoyed!
most of the sex i have is not anal
i love wrestling, oral, and cuddling, i don't even care if we cum
and i'm happy to get together just to hang out naked too
i'm a very sensual person and there are so many ways we can enjoy eachother
and sex, as far as hooking up from seeing pictures on a computer, is all about the body
sex of the heart takes a long time (for me, at least) to develop
i aim to love everyone i'm with, but it's a different love than the love that grows over time
... the best sex i've ever had has been with married Farmers
i have to say that's my ideal: men who Live In Their Bodies
which is why i like bears i guess... heavy corporeal nature men
it makes my body very happy to be with other men in their body.

i've been on-line a lot since i was 15
so i have a large web presence

follow these links if you want to know more about me:

photos of me:
and for you Tops out there:
(I fantasize often of bottoming, but don't do it regularly)
photos by me:
sex videos:
my massage ad
(for those who want to hire me - sex is free, a full massage session is not)
my old silverdaddies profile text:

i'm on the g mail as dominicvine
if you're wanting to meet me with any timeliness, email me directly, as i'm not on here very often.