March 25th, 2009


Good Girl

I saw a man walking his dog this morning
Grey old dog
Man was skinny... Not old
But probably in his forties

He had a thin scraggly mustache...
The kind I think of as "bad teenage mustache"
I thought
--a full-grown man who wears a bad teenage mustache is sad...--

I wouldn't think anything of it if it were a full beard...
But a mustache... It's a specific look and requires a certain...

But all of his clothes were ill-fitting as well
I could tell he just didn't think about such things

Maximizing how one can look good...
I am often the same way...

On the train
I see this woman
And she strikes me as a public school girl... The way her knees are,
her shoes! And that haircut..
I couldn't tell, but I imagined she was reading the bible... Or
perhaps a Beatrice Potter book..

Kids, little children everywhere
Country hungry for ( and sick of )

I've been a bad girl...