January 20th, 2009


The times

Why were the trains so fucked up today?

Oh yeah

Mercury is in Retrograde

My brother just had a Son a few days back:
Baby born with mercury retrograde

I said
" he'll be an artist... "

Without mentioning that he'll probably be dyslexic

New President
While mercury is on retrograde

It's going to be a tough few weeks for him to get anything done
With everything snarling and fucking up

And what is a Mercury Retrograde presidency look like?
We're going to find out.

Good times coming back?

Like Wonder Showzen "Patience"
Undo it all backwards to make it right?

Trash everywhere today...
Why aren't they collecting?
Garbage men on strike?
Let go?
City downsizing...?

A flash through my mind of the future where there is no garbage collection...

Eating bad dinner on Houston
(wishing I could call a friend... But too sticky)
I wish he'd only give me one disposable fork...
And this big plastic disposable tray...

What is the phobia of trash?

Photos of me in this month's Details magazine
(edit: wrong. in the April issue)

Went for two castings today...

Saw an amazing queen from Queens who's never heard of the faeries...
I'll drag him to a gathering soon
Columbian guy...

Go buy some magazines?
Before going Nowhere for a drink?

Columbian Queen

How could I have never met this guy before?

He lives in Jackson Heights
And has never heard of The Radical Faeries

If I could ever love a drag queen
It'd be one like this


I ran into him coming out of the casting room for a middle eastern art

What luck!