January 13th, 2009


wild love

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i got caught in a wild love
i felt trapped in a wild love
made a fool by a wild love
i got lost in a wild love
-i got lost in a wild love

i thought that...
i woke up this morning dreaming that song
and i was like
do i know that song?
it's by daniel johnston right?
and i looked
and it wasn't daniel johnston
and it wasn't even that song
that i thought

there is a song called "Wild Love"
but it is by another daniel perhaps (no, it's a Bill)
a guy called Smog
he has an entire album called Wild Love
that i listened to a lot a couple weeks ago
coz i was thinking about Cat Power
coz of taking pictures
which i was thinking of in indiana
she covered a song of his called Bathysphere
so i got the album which has Bathysphere on it
which is called Wild Love

Wild Love

and the song "wild love" is pretty good
but it doesn't sound at all like the song i was singing
it's a totally different song

(wild love plays)”

Transcribed by: dominicvine

i hate cars

i saw Slumdog Millionaire yesterday
and I loved it
but i think i have a loyalty to Danny Boyle from my childhood in England...

the filth was terrifying
but i've seen similar stuff in Brazil and South Africa
still.. nothing THAT intense (is it really like that in India? or was that played up for the screen? i imagine it is that bad or worse... maybe not such pretty trash)

still, what struck me hardest about all the strange injustice in the film
was the horror of modernization there
( i know.. i know.. )
and all the fucking cars...
i hate cars.
i don't like how they look or smell or sound
it's kinda fun to drive them
but i'm happy to give that up
well worth it to get rid of the fuckers

that's why i live in NYC
i can go hundreds of miles and not need a car

i've come to see cars as the largest symptom of humanities self-destruction

Any of you reading this
have you been to Switzerland?
have you been there when they have Car-Free days?

the center of the cities, the old towns
always have a day a year when cars are not allowed
and people walk the streets
and kids playing on the pavement . . .

could we make that happen here in NYC?

i keep wanting to get some initiative going to get some fucking pedestrian and bike ONLY streets here in NY
why not?
there are so many fucking streets in this city
why not every 10 blocks? every 12?
only people on bikes and foot
... maybe an avenue or two, yeah?

every city i've been in in europe has streets with no cars
sure, they're old and tiny and midaevil
but why not here?

it's GREEN after all...

anyone more politically minded than me know how i would start this sort of thing into action?