January 5th, 2009


on the way to a new year

i celebrate five new year's a year:
my birthday. Autumn Equinox (jewish). Winter Solstice (dying of the sun; rebirth). Arbitrary Calendar New Year (January 1st) Vernal Equinox (beginning of the zodiac, sufi/vedic new year)

So... on the way to the New Year's Eve party
i was feeling my teeth hurting (la la la) and did a really great meditation on the train
then decided i should use it as an example to teach yoga
so went through it verbally into my recorder

i convereted it to mp3 and uploaded it to my sever
here: a New Year's Gift to whomever wants to hear it

Yoga Meditation on the New Year

it has nothing to do with "new year's eve"
but i think it's pretty great.