December 18th, 2008

new moon


Last Night
i did a performance piece at Nayland's "Misbehaviour"

the next one is on January 9th
i won't be performing again, but i'll be there.

my "piece" was a sort of meditation
-- i've been teaching a lot of yoga for the last four months
and have always enjoyed leading meditations...
the idea struck me as i was walking from class two days ago
through the driving snow, freezing wind
and feeling desperately sad and frustrated
-- it is meant to be a response to one (some) of Nayland's pieces in his retrospective at
i kept trying to write things, but it was just about our relationship
-- with all the "relationship" trouble i've had in my life
the idea of yoga, mediation, and freezing in the cold
i came up with this idea

the original recording i made on my iPhone i've put HERE in mp3 format

i had it playing softly in my ear last night, but ended up not really following it..
the video of last night's performance can be seen here: (in mp4, ipod format)