November 20th, 2008



I was just thinking about the many people I know who's lives are bring shockingly altered right now...
As I listen to the real business people on/in their cells complaining of all of their money falling apart...
The MTA is in debt and will be cutting train lines...
Now no investments for the future...
Gas too expensive to go to the country house as often as we did...

I think about a newer friend of mine
When having a conversation about the economy collapsing
The New Depression
And he must have heard a tinge of Glee in my voice...
He said " Those People are Me, Dominic... "

And he's been overhauling many aspects of his life
Excersize, nutrition...
Like an over-sized body,
This style of living is just not sustainable
And I believe Choosing to Change things in your life you Can deal with
Helps you deal with the changes in your life you have no control over

The One

Finding The One
is like looking through a deck of cards
If you get a 10 of diamonds
You don't try to turn it to an Ace
You just...

( heard on the A train just before 168 )