November 12th, 2008

altar boy

junk mail

a few days ago
my uncle (father's side, his youngest brother)
sent out an email to everyone in my family (and some other people i don't know)
talking about the USPS postage stamp representing the muslim holidays "EID"
it was forwarded from some guy who often sends him things that he often forwards to me
mostly they're dumb, sometimes somewhat insightful
and though i hate junk mail, i usually just let it slide
... but this one was all about how "real americans" should boycott the stamp
as it is a slap in the face to all of the "americans" who have died at the hands of the "vicious muslims"
after three days of no one else in the family responding
i wrote out a response and sent it "reply all"

when i woke up this morning there was a voice mail from my father
.. i avoided it a few hours
and when i listened to it
it just said "call me"
when i did
i was shocked that he said
"i wanted to tell you i read your email... and i'm proud of you. what you did was the right thing... and though i don't agree with everything you said, i admire that you did it and how you did it"

i was shocked.

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i ... ahhhh.

i was a wrestler in high school

ya know...

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"Professional Wrestling"
and they never think to identify with the star, the hero, the winner
but everyone wants to be the "heel"
the bad guy who plays dirty and causes suffering and pain
and the "jobber" who willingly loses the match


but back to the bright and balance
i was very interested in this because of reading that paragraph in the book
published in 1924
written by a yegg...
his words are jargon of the criminal culture of that day
which, of course, was entwined with the carnies
where the WWF, no doubt, got it's start

and no where on wikipedia did i see any reference to the term "jobbing" referring to anything besides/before "wrestling"

but it came from the straight world
the world of American Law
when the Justice system learned it had to Frame up the truth
put it in a context to serve its own purposes
and Attorney's and business new they had to "do their job" and Lose a case for the greater good, from time to time...

'on the square'
he'd say back then, as a way of discribing reliability
and by the time Burroughs and Kerouac and Ginsberg were playing with his words
they would dismiss people as being Square
and what are we now, dude?
i mean, man, whatever. anyway...

Once: integrity.
some imaginary past of unity
before theism
before the fall of divinity

then all these angles
as the line was bent

("bent" like obama?)

bending further, harsher, to a 90º angle?

we're well past 45 now
past 23?

angles everywhere...

i chew Miswak
7) It makes angles happy.