November 7th, 2008

blue hand

Dave white kicks ass


if you haven't read him
you should right now

it's about the marriage shit
faggots are different when they marry
and i don't care about marriage
but i do care about family
so i guess, all of a sudden, i care about marriage
and i'm pretty sick of our silly little back-wards 3-world nation
that still passes amendments to discriminate

how gay is that?

oh, go read dave now

it's HERE!
half moon

the french

when i was doing the side-extending standing pose in the sauna
having a conversation with the boy from Paris
he got too hot
and had to catch a bus back to montreal

though he was very shy
he wasn't like the little "asian" man who kept grabbing people's crotches
he put his lips to my lips
and kissed me fully

for minutes

a real kiss
exploring, tasting, meeting.

perhaps the french really are romantic in a way i've never understood before.
owl -London Vyner

are you a fan of Underworld?

in 1997
Underworld put out promos for their forthcoming album: Beaucoup Fish
a guy i vaguely knew from my home town was living in LA and working for an electronic music magazine
so got a promo of it
... on cassette

i copied it onto my mini-disc player

the transfer was less-than-perfect
at the time i didn't realize
but when the album came out and i heard the official songs
i was a bit disappointing
the tape-speed had been fucked up somehow (remember problems like that?)
so my recording had everything Slightly Slow...

i liked the album better that way
still, i eventually learned to love the CD release
... however
one thing i've never let go of
is how the song "Shudder / King of Snake" segues into "Winjer"
on the cassette
it was listed as
"Shudder / King of Snake: Winter"
i'd always been confused about the winter thing
when the album came out, it made more sense: Winjer

big difference is
on the album
they break the song in two
on the cassette
they flowed into eachother
as if just different movements of the same song

i think the segue on the album just sounds clumsy and dumb
but that's only because i heard the way it was originally intended

i suppose they changed their mind when they decided KOS was going to be a single
and wanted to make it easier for DJs to mix?
i dunno
but it pisses me off

and this is what i'm getting at

i'm pretty good at finding shit on the internet
but i haven't found it yet

does anyone have a file of that original version of King of Snake flowing into Winjer?

just a call out into kaos



My mother's mother's father was named Spike

that wasn't his Name
but that's what she called him.

quite a few years ago i met this guy named Spike on the
he lived in San Diego
a place i have never spent time.
"met" online. so
just chatted a bit

i loved his face picture
-- for the sake of this story we'll say he is what made me start collecting face pictures from that site (though i doubt that is true)

at the sauna
i saw some guy i thought was hot
he didn't seem interested
i saw him again
this time talking loudly to someone
in an over-ly animated way not often found in places like this

i stood outside the door as they touched eachother
they looked at me and i asked if i could come in
they conceded

much touching then happened
blah blah blah

"i'm a capricorn!"
blah blah
"i'm not from here, i'm from San Diego"

oh really, it clicked
i said
"and is your name Spike?"

years later
i pulled his name instantly out of my head

i am grateful for such things
i even told him about my great-grandfather (who i never met)
maybe that's why it stuck.

he happened to have the exact same Capricorn birthday
as my current Capricorn friend who introduced me their tribe in actuality.
actualities. (CLAR!)

and he said i had the exact same Gemini birthday as an X of his

though then we both admitted to eachother that we'd never had real partners

his friend died of a heart attack right next to him in the passenger's seat while he was driving
or was that someone else?

didn't he say he was afraid of gemini's?

i told him i'm still afraid of Aries
he has an aries rising
(as well, i just realized)


he had a beautiful smile
a magnificent organ
and he felt very good to touch.

Big Lake

i posted about this about a year ago
but had a resurgence with it tonight.

coupled with the newest Radiohead video for Reckoner (which i posted a few weeks ago)
i love the apocalyptic feel this video has
-- as if some crazy old man is gibbering on about shit that has no more importance anymore because it doesn't exist
(in our post 2012 world where the economy has collapsed and there is no more USA or post office or shopping choices...)
rambling, remembering...

the music was done by Corey Dargel
who i quite like.
you can check out some other songs of his
from his performance "Removable Parts" (about the fetish he found on the internet: voluntary amputation"
-- of the three, i recommend "Castration"

his own website is here:

and don't worry: i'm not an apocalyte
in fact, now that Obama has been elected
no one is anymore: He has Saved The Future!