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Vertical Prose

Voice Post @ 12:53 pm

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“I just feel like I'm having one of those glowing opt experiences where I'm aware of all other factor being alive and blah blah and I think this also comes from staying put ___ for a year on one place. When I was young I, well when I first started travelling I became obsessed I didn't know how to have gratitude for things as supposed to just being bitchy and upset and disappointed all the time as, as I was when I ran away and now like all of a sudden it came to me that just because I can get away with whatever I put my mind to cos most ___ are pretty good at getting away with things. It's much nicer if we could respect everything for what it is and what it's not but I have some trouble with wanting to be integrity of everything but I don't feel like everything's an integrity. So I suppose I just work on respecting everything than being an integrity then hopefully it'll help everything fall in line but it definitely should start with me.”

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waiting for the night to start @ 11:57 pm

i had a good time taking pictures this weekend
here is one of my friend David... but now i must sleep!


Vertical Prose