October 19th, 2008


do you love looking at me?

contrary to popular belief
i really DON'T love looking at myself for hours on end

not that i don't like looking at myself, don't get me wrong
i'm just saying that i don't keep galleries of hundreds of pictures of me on my web site because i look at them
in fact, i probably haven't seen all of the pictures in those galleries
-- i see enough of myself every day, and though i often like the way i look, i don't really love sifting through pictures of myself.
which brings me to my current problem:

i did a photo shoot in Portland back in August (well, three photo shoots)
and i JUST got the files yesterday
in a tiny tiny web rez gallery

the photographer doesn't want to give me all of them at a better resolution
(even a long edge of 1200 would be satisfying to me, am i being too critical? these are JUST TOO SMALL)
and says i can have less than a dozen in high-rez JPGs
then he's going to delete the RAW files
(but for the ones he will keep for his portfolio)

all of my bitching at him did not make him change his mind
and i REALLY don't feel like looking at all of these images
not when i'm pissed off about the situation
(i would just say the guy is an asshole coz he didn't give me what i want... but he's not, he takes beautiful photos... he just isn't giving me what i want on my terms. shucks)

if you really really like looking at pictures of me
please spend some time going through this gallery
and make note of the numbers of the pictures you really like
and try to pic two or three that you think are REALLY GREAT
then leave a comment or email me

it would be appreciated

Oh, and yeah
there is nudity
though nothing particularly sexual
and if you want to see his other work
go here