September 24th, 2008


Party at My Place

i'm having a party at my place on Saturday October 11th.
it's a day-time party
come over anytime after 2pm
til midnight or so

bring some food

it will be about music
sitting around
filling my house with people

if you're in the area and want to come
email me and i can give you the address/directions

dominicvine at gmail

the most i've had at my house so far has been six people
i'm looking forward to having more

come, ye
come ye!

Bathrooms of New Jersey

I've left my house
On the road
Picked up our third passenger in Milburn
Now ten hours to some place in southern Virginia, "Floyd"
Where we'll stay two nights

On to SMS on Friday


Kindly Monster

This is the very same Monster I mentioned last night
I took this sometime past 1am
Where the A train stopped at 168
--we were waiting for the Shuttle