September 23rd, 2008


brain game

worked on a psychiatrist tonight
i said "oh, you're a doctor? of what?"
he said "of the mind"
and i kept thinking of that
coz his body was so tense
and obviously not well lived in

of the mind...

and i thought of yoga, buddhists

it's like playing sudoku
sometimes i just get the Feeling that a number should go somewhere
but it's not logical
that game is just a game of logic
but i've long since given up using logic as my only tool
and playing by the rules
so am i right or am i wrong?
but i go by instincts so much. . .

and illness of the mind
can you fix them from inside the mind?
isn't it like treating the illness with the same poison?

i thought of the days i was worried about being crazy
made histemic these last few days from an "old friend" repeatedly referring to me as "off" "crazy" "nutz-o"

the way i solved my problems of the mind was stop feeding them
get out of the mind
and be in the body

the mind comes to quiet
don't try to force the bulges of the mind back into shape
just don't feed them
live in the present
and let them die off...

...i've said
many times this week
about the stress in people's bodies:
"that stress in your shoulders, that tension is you holding onto stress that happens through your days:
work that needs to be done, the numbers, the fabric, the boss yelling at you: whatever. but your paycheck is not meant to be a payment for lease of your body: when you're at work you should deal with those stresses, when you leave you should let them go, let them die. shake it off like a dog. those concerns are always Right Here when you need them... otherwise, they don't need to be in your body, your mind."

talk about being present...