September 22nd, 2008


real life hermaphrodite

a friend called me today
with some other guy on the phone that i'd met at a few faery gatherings
one of those guys i thought was super hot
but never did anything sexually with

whatever reason

but we were on a three-way call
identifying ourselves to eachother
and one thing led to another
talking about incredibly sexy, furry, butch F2Ms
when he mentioned this story

"i had sex with this guy who was a real-life hermaphrodite
one testicle and one ovary
a mirco-phallus
half-formed vagina, a simple fold for a labia
apparently he'd been married to a woman for 20 years and she didn't know he was a hermaphrodite
in some parts of america they never look below the sheets..."

RFD survey

i finished the RFD survey

i'd been fiddling with it half heartedly for weeks
only friday, rushing to get it done, did i figure out that there was some user-setting that made it impossible for me to actually do it (rich-text editing turned on so i couldn't edit the HTML code properly and no way for me to turn it off) the Admin fixed it for me and i hammered it out today.

i sent out an email to everyone as i was working on it
no one responded.
was anyone paying attention?
did anyone care?

does anyone care?
does it matter?

it's clunky
like everything else i feel about RFD
: unimportant.

but i keep waiting to get proven wrong

i'm always waiting for that
an old friend said that technique would never work
just make the change myself

where's that switch?