September 21st, 2008



people are so stupid

i mean
as a People
we've managed to have at least 2000 years of recorded history
(not to mention asian histories, which "we're" only a fringe of at this point, though many of "us" fear that we'll be swallowed by their story, which wouldn't be horrific as far as i'm concerned)
where we've learned nearly nothing
oh sure
we have digital watches and computers and fancy cars
but we're always lying to ourselves
and those we love
and seeing how many people we can fuck over
blah blah blah
you know the horror of western civilization

and most people i know just never learn
they're hardly there
they don't pay attention
it does not inspire Life in me

i occasionally meet people who Learn
which astounds me
i mean
i count myself as Stupid, just like the rest of US
i've always hated arrogant artist fucks who believe they're somehow in the elite
yet i am impressed when i meet people who appear to have actually learned from their mistakes

maybe they just have more charm than i