August 2nd, 2008


Oh Shit!

oh, nothing is as easy as we'd like it to be, sometimes...
there was a beautiful heaviness in the sky
thick clouds
jorge jumped up
excited: "it's so COZY!"

we even took pictures of the clouds as they thickened
and the rain began to fall
into a torrential downpour

a man on the street started screaming
then in spanish
other things
"run! you'll get wet"
but mostly
he kept shouting
"Oh Shit!"
as he rain down the road

we could hear it for Minutes
and Jorge was shocked that this man could be so enthusiastic
saying the exact same thing

... we'd just had a conversation about the difference between non-educated dominicans
who are very inconsiderate: playing their music very loud whenever they want
wherever they want
maybe shooting you if you complain
throwing trash on the ground
camping out on the sidewalks
parking in the middle of the street to have conversations
that sort of thing

so we wondered if this was an "uneducated" man
who could not find anything better to say
yet was so passionate and compelled
by the rain
to say it

we tried it ourselves

click here to have a listen: